Last updated: 2019-04-01

Low-level development

ARM (sunxi)

I saw in the sunxi family the opportunity to have a fully owner-controlled mobile device, with no hidden managment engine or binary blobs. With the availability Pinebook and PinePhone, mainline Linux support has become the limiting factor for that dream. My contribution is the power management firmware and some of the surrounding infrastructure.

I have also helped with various bugfixes and improved support for some of the less popular sunxi single-board computers:

x86 (coreboot)

I ported coreboot to the Foxconn G41S-K motherboard, with the hope that it would allow me to use my SATA controller in AHCI mode. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a chipset limitation, not a BIOS limitation. But I had fun and learned a lot in the process.

I also contributed the coreboot framebuffer drivers to Linux. This allows smaller Linux payloads, since a full graphics driver (like i915) is no longer needed.

Application development

I wrote the initial version of the WireGuard Android app.

Back when it was still relevant, I helped port Cyanogenmod and other aftermarket firmware to the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. I also developed a stock-based custom Gingerbread firmware for that device.

Packaging and system administration

I have published the system-wide and user-specific portions of my service bundles for s6-rc.

My Portage configuration (including /etc/portage, my overlay, and my patches to the main Gentoo tree) can be found on my binhost.

Licensed CC-BY 4.0 by Samuel Holland.